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Second Grade Teachers' Journal
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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
9:39 pm

I teach 2nd grade just north of Seattle. It's my 4th year teaching (I did 2 years in 1st grade) and my second year teaching 2nd grade.

I love it!

My kids this year are delightful, and are quite high, so I'm learning more about advanced literacy strategies to help keep those high kids moving!

My favorite thing about grade 2 is the kids who struggled with things in first grade sometimes just are ready for them in 2nd grade, so that's pretty cool.
10:09 pm
Hi there! I'm a first year 2nd grade teacher in Orlando, Florida. I switched to a teaching career after majoring in Criminal Justice. I graduated in 2005, and decided that I wanted to teach! It's been a challenging few months. I started in August teaching 5th grade Science and midway through September my principal informed me that I would be switching to a 2nd grade ESOL (Sheltered) class. I was happy with the change because I always wanted to teach the primary grades. To make a long story short... I've been with them for about 2 months so far and it has been a very challenging, stressful, but rewarding couple of months. Some days I have a lot of doubts about what kind of a teacher I am (I feel like maybe I am not that good of a teacher)... I think a lot of it has to do with inexperience. I'm hitting the "exhaustion" and "disillusionment" phase of first-year teaching I guess... :) I'm looking forward to getting ideas and advice from those of you with more experience!

Current Mood: crazy
7:19 pm
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining our little community. I'd like everyone to introduce themselves. There's no form...just say what you like.

I'm a 2nd year, 2nd grade teacher. I thought I'd be moving up with my class to 3rd grade, so I created iteach3rdgrade ; however, I ended up staying in 2nd so here we are again. I love 2nd grade, and there are so many reasons why. First of all, 3rd grade is a huge year for standardized testing here in GA, so there's alot less pressure on us 2nd grade teachers. Obviously, there are still tests. Our kids take the CRCT in April. We also take a diagnostic test called MAP 3 times a year.

Anyway, that's a little about my teaching life. On a more personal note, I'm expecting my first baby in February, so that brings up a ton of other issues. I have chosen a long term sub, but I'm very nervous about leaving my babies so close to testing time. Luckily, I have ESOL and EIP teachers coming into my room in the form of a co-teaching model, so those ladies will be a huge help during my maternity leave.
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